With a majority of the population suffering from various levels of obesity, it is no surprise that one of the most popular phrases searched on internet is weight loss. People have become more health conscious and they are making use of new and innovative ways to stay slim and fit. But what is depressing is the fact that the number of obese or overweight people continues to increase despite an exponential growth in memberships of gyms and people utilizing various diets and weight loss methods. There are weight loss methods through allopathic drugs as well as herbal products such as green tea and coffee. However, it seems that so many weight loss pills and diets are not sufficient for obese people around the world as they are looking for newer and easier easy to reduce their bodyweight. Homeopathy is today attracting more and more people towards it as people are becoming aware of its power and ability to fight obesity. Let us find out if the claims being made about the efficacy of this therapy being highly successful against obesity are true or false.

Obesity is a direct result of consuming more calories than required
Obesity is more of a lifestyle disease than a disease of the body as human body learns to accumulate large deposits of fat from food consumed more than is required by the body. If one’s daily requirement of calories is 3000 and he continues to eat 3100 calories every day, he can expect to add 25 kilograms to hid body in a matter of just 5 years. Thus obesity is mainly a problem of overeating combined with a lifestyle that does not provide enough opportunity to exercise or spend calories. Homeopathic weight loss is not a miracle as it involves understanding the case history of the individual and knowing his body composition and genetic predisposition to come up with a homeopathic remedy that takes time to show up results. If you are in a hurry or want to lose 5 kilos in 10-15 days as you have to wear a dress 2 sizes short to look attractive in a party 2 weeks from now, homeopathy is not for you. You have to remain patient and let the therapy work upon your body system to show its results.

What makes homeopathic weight loss different?
The entire approach of homoeopathy towards obesity is different from that of allopath. Instead of readily available weight loss supplements and pills that you can find in shops and health stores, you cannot hope to find a sweet pill in homeopathy to consume daily to remain slim and healthy. So for all those who thought that homeopathic weight loss is as sweet and easy as the taste of the pills given in this therapy, this is certainly not the case.

What do homeopathic doctors do to get rid of obesity?
An experienced homeopathic doctor would never suggest or prescribe sweet pills to anyone who is desirous of losing weight without first making a complete body analysis and family history of the individual. Homeopathic doctor requires full details about a patient and hid family history to wage a successful battle against obesity. The doctor monitors the functioning of fat stores inside the body of the patient to get feedback and input from fat tissues. He also regulates the pancreas, the thyroid, and the brain of the patient to arrive at the root cause of obesity before recommending a line of treatment under homeopathy.

Working principle behind homeopathic treatment of obesity
All Ingredients used in homeopathic medicines are obtained from plant sources and other sources that have no harmful side effect on human body. The working principle of homeopathic treatment of obesity is that the very substance that helped an individual to gain weight can be used to help him lose weight. Thus the process of obesity can be reversed to help individual get back normal body weight or the weight that he had before putting on weight. This is not all as homeopathic medicines designed to reduce weight also help in rectifying problems associated with digestive disorders. Improper or imbalanced digestion plays a crucial role in predisposition to obesity. Homeopathic weight loss also improves the metabolism of the individual that is behind the root cause of obesity in a large number of cases of obesity.

One thing good for all those who are fed up with their weight but find themselves incapable of restricting their favorite food items is that homeopathic treatment for obesity does not ask the patient to cut down or restrict intake of any special food item. Also, unlike allopath where feelings of satiety are induced to prevent people from going in for their favorite snacks, homeopathy actually treats symptoms behind obesity.

Thus it is amply clear that treatment of obesity is possible in homeopathy though one cannot expect a miracle or magical cure.

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