Having a dream and picturing your weight-loss goal is a very important part having success at shedding the pounds. When you set weight-loss objectives; the key to obtaining them is to picture yourself getting them.

Picturing your success with getting thinner is important because the mind actually thinks in pictures. Furthermore, the subconscious mind helps drive a lot of your behavior. This is because the subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between something that is real and something that is not. Therefore, whatever you picture consistently, like being leaner and fitter; your mind will drive you to create that reality. In other words, it will drive you to action. One step further is that it will drive you to consistent action. In addition, when your weight-loss actions are consistent, you will lose weight over time.

However, it all starts with a dream to get thinner. It starts with a desire to be thinner, leaner, fitter, or skinnier. It starts in your head and your heart.

I hear a lot of people talking about losing weight, but they don’t do anything about it. They say they are trying to lose weight two minutes before they super size their fast food lunch. They complain that they can’t lose weight but refuse to change a few things that are keeping them overweight. These people don’t have the weight-loss dream.

A person that does not have a dream will say things like:

I can’t lose weight.
I am trying to trim down but….
Losing weight is so hard.
I can’t shed the weight because of my genetics.
I can’t drop pounds because I am too busy.
I can’t get thinner because I am too old.

When you hear these things among others, you know that these people just don’t have the dream to lose weight.

How do you get the dream you may be asking?

One way to do it is to spend time every night while in bed with your eyes closed, picturing in detail how you want your body to look and feel. Picture your thinner and fitter body from top to bottom, your legs, midsection, neck and face. If you do this consistently your mind will help you to make it happen. It will help to give you the action you need to make it happen.

Remember that a dream of losing weight without action will only bring you frustration and poor health. Dream of being thinner, follow it with action and make it happen. You can do it!

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