Having healthy children is so important to parents. Keeping them healthy is our responsibility. Are we holding our part of the bargain? Children are our future or are they really? If our children are obese, who’s to blame? If our children are diabetic, who’s to blame? If our children are fat, who’s to blame?

Being a parent in today’s world is such a daunting task. So many questions, so many fears. How do we cope with all the responsibility when we feel so alone?

The #1 reason your child is obese is that you have made all the wrong choices for that child. Yes, you are the person that promised to help raise and nurture that child until it was time for him or her to leave the nest. Learning how and why you became obese is a task we should all search for.

You need to accept your responsibility. Unless their is a medical reason that can easily explain why your child is obese, their is only one way you can start reversing what you have let happen.

Nutrition is basic and yet we all assume we know what is best. Is your child’s weight normal? If it were you would not be reading this right now. Get serious and accept that you are not perfect. Your intentions are great and your will to help turn this around is valiant. Here’s what you need to do right now:

■You need a system that will give you the right information about food. Combined with your knowledge, this will help you in making the right choices.
■You need to be able to read and have access to all the information at all times in order to have answers when you need them. The Internet offers you this 24/7.
EzineArticles is packed with great articles about how and where you can get all the help you need. Their are many great authors and people with tremendous knowledge that are here to help. Find a system that gives you all the advice and lets you feel that you are important. Your children will thank you forever. Food for thought.

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