If you are trying to lose 5 pounds, one thing that may help you to stay on track and stick with it is having little quotes stuck all over the house. You could have one on the fridge, one on the bathroom mirror, one in your closet. I have personally used this technique and it was quite successful for me. Those little quotes can catch you by surprise at a special moment when you are at a crossroads and can go either way.

And it gives you that extra little boost to stick with it right at that perfect moment when you needed one. Here are some affirmations or quotes that helped me: Bigger Snacks – Bigger Britches (one on my refrigerator door) A year from now you will be glad you did it or sorry you didn’t! Which will it be? (on bathroom mirror) You don’t have to run from full length mirrors anymore. Nothing tastes as good as thin feels! Focus on changing habits and you will lose fat for life. Embrace change. Get rid of the sugar and in touch with your emotions. When you want to lose weight, watch the glass as well as the plate.

There is nothing at the bakery that will mend your broken heart. Living life in the fat lane? Want to pass? Yes, remember what and why you are doing what you are doing. Keep the goal in mind. I get so upset & mad sometimes, I can’t think straight…but I can always eat! Then I feel lousy. Not doing that anymore. Find a better way. Sweat does a poor job of melting the grease. Changing your diet does it better.

I can walk by the candy without drooling. Yeah! What a good feeling. If you want change in your life, stop doing what you have always done or you will keep getting what you’ve always got. Your body is keeping an accurate journal of what you eat regardless of what you write down. And it remembers everything. Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action. Picture yourself getting ready to go to your in-laws party, the one you dislike having to go to every year, and getting all frazzled because of it. Just read an affirmation or two, say it over and over to yourself on the way to the party.

By the time you get there, you have now given yourself a nice booster shot to stick with your healthier ways and not turn to food to settle your emotions. You are going to feel so good about yourself and how well you are handling the family snobs, that you actually even enjoy being there. And wouldn’t that be a win? Feeling empowered, you know you can use that same system over and over again. You know it will help you get through any crisis situation and help you lose 5 pounds.

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